• Cindy Brochard

Designing a logo and making a cake, why is it the same thing ?

A story of singularity, time and sensory experience.

Since I started my business, I have been asked why to work with a graphic designer when you can get a logotype for the price of a falafel in the Lebanese restaurant down the street.

My price is closer to that of a week in Marrakech (in low season anyway).

A logo is a logo, indeed, but to explain the required creative process, I would like to introduce the concepts of singularity, time and sensory experience.

To illustrate my point, rather than the kebab and the holiday week (and to get closer to the title of the article), I will take the example of making a chocolate cake.

To make a chocolate cake, you have several options :

Option 1 : opt for the quick, effortless recipe.

You buy the "ready to use" package for which all you have to dois to add flour and eggs. It is ready in 15 minutes. At the end, the "job"is done, the cake will be there, baked, edible, filling your stomach and even digestible.

Option 2 : make the best cake ever in your life


Oh yeah, you can start making the chocolate cake of your dreams ! Go carefully looking for the right ingredients and find the recipe that will sublimate each of them !


You will allow all the time needed between each step and allow the mixture to take all its flavors and thus obtain delicate textures.

Baking, gentle but certain, will finish making it perfect.

You will finally leave the necessary rest time and you will apply yourself to working on every detail to make it more beautiful and more appetizing.

When tasting this cake, in addition to having done its chocolate cake "job", it will give your nose, your eyes, and of course your taste buds, a magical experience.

As a bonus, if you don't eat it all at once, it will stay fresh a lot longer.

This metaphorical demonstration may seem like a truism. So, why, if we replace the cake with a logo, isn’t it so obvious?


A cake | A logo that will be remembered

Choosing the ingredients

The logo of a company will also ask for the right ingredients, which you must select carefully.

To choose them well, it will be necessary to question the project owners at length, to make them forget about the classic and quick recipe. Together, you need to come up with their own, original and unique recipe.

Composing the right recipe

Once the list of ingredients is set, although not always compatible with each other, even sometimes almost impossible to integrate into a cake, my job will be to develop the recipe that will appeal.

The following questions will arise :

What flavor should you feel first?

What taste should remain after each bite ?

What color will the cake have and how to make it appetizing ?

More generally, how to make it as beautiful as it is good, so that there is continuity between what we see and what we are going to put in our mouth ?

Ideally, how could the recipe be universal? That is to say appreciated by anyone who tastes it, whatever their preferences.

To summarize, how do you provide an exceptional sensory experience ?

By answering all these questions, the work of a graphic designer takes on its full value.

Beyond the taste, for the cake, and the vision, for the logo, we seek to convey emotions and to tell a story, brought by our creations.

To achieve this magic, the creatives will be able to :

• Combine ideas as

we associate food

Make key concepts tangible as we create

a link between aesthetics and taste

Get out of the obvious,

and visually reinvent a sector of activity as you reinvent a recipe

All while keeping in mind to delight the client and their customers.

It is this whole process that justifies a logo, like a cake, cannot be produced in an instant.

At least if it wants to make an impression, to be the bearer of an experience.

Easy as pie

The logo of a company, when it is done following this process, often seems to be obvious. Often so that everyone says "I could have thought about it, I could have done it myself". It is precisely this time of investigation, research, understanding and testing of various combinations that lavish on the logo this final simplicity.

“Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” Charles Mingus

So to finish on a gourmet note, the next time you taste a pastry, think of the many hours spent by the chef to imagine the recipe and prepare the cake.

So that it is finally swallowed up in one bite !

Bon appetite ! :)