• Cindy Brochard

New chapter

A poem about the end of the quarantine

Now, are you up to wear a mask, To go out from your dwelling Or what you prefer wearing Is a blindfold over your eyes Not to see the world has changed Just like you did, Through 2 months of quarantine.

What are you ready to face ? What would you protect ? Neither your health nor your mind Would respect a safe distance From yourself.

Matchless is the present time so will you be reckless Again if you were before Or for the first time if you weren’t.

No more home lockdown, However locked in midst of your soul Off to linger to be your former self Not yet able to accept your brand new you.

Don’t lie, you can’t be the same This time will remain a shock In which you have been a rock Whether going out is a rush Or the moment you will blush.

The change on you is for now as invisible as the virus is. Still, it’s inside you. Soon you’ll feel the signs.

They are not wrong no need to heal, you better go you are not ill.