• Cindy Brochard

Perception swing

My heart gets lost into the winding of my soul While my body is restricted into my tiny little flat I'm looking at the window, I can't see the horizon. I decide to look vacant, to see how fool I am

to remain in this place.

I think about people I haven't met for weeks,

being on my own makes me so weak. Self isolation is good for some time, We need to laugh with the ones we love most of time. Neither my mind nor my legs can go further.

Both of us are locked in this room forever like

I can't bear it.

Soon my eyes will feel the sun,

my spirit will see the light. Escape from reality is the only thing that is meant to be.

But what's reality now ? What we used to know is no longer existing.

What we dreamt of has now ceased to exist

What about creating a new recipe,

giving to our life a new flavor ? Based on the revelation we have while shutdown. Let's start cooking the coming days. We have all we need to fill our taste bud with wonder.

Now is already happier.

© Cindy Brochard • 2020