• Cindy Brochard

Questions of life

When you are a kid You ask many questions about life, Understanding how earth turns, why birds fly and fire burns.

We often talk about questions we had When we were a child, Questions we don’t ask anymore Once we grow up.

Reaching the adult age, New questions come in head, Some, neither little nor fully grown people Could give an answer to.

Yet, we all wonder the same. They change us, either we give them answers. Or not. Each of us shape a reply, with which we accommodate ourself to make our choices.

Big decisions are taken with no certitude, Yet we adopt some sort of attitude.

We rush into some options, Not knowing if they’re what we expect Or dictated by the normative society Which believe in its capacity To give our lives all the good aspects.

Every question has many responses, You should try  To give your will the possibility To dare finding your own answers.

Nothing is right or wrong, whatever you do you get strong, The good answer will come Ready or not to welcome, everything would happen, defining the purpose of [your] life.