• Cindy Brochard

Refresh your mind

No routine but rituals

I do some actions everyday,

at different point of awareness

Some I enjoy, some I don't

Everyday stories, altogether

Actions, they are not defining who I am

Not what I mean to be, not my identity

It wind up this way, having such a day

Cause of my lazy brain, like a day with rain.

What about you ?

Stop doing those stuff to fill in each day

Look up to think about them

Look down to watch how goes your hands

Take time to appreciate,

embrace what you are doing.

Nothing is made by chance,

what you used to like

has to be refreshed.

Don't put up with your routine,

joy is in a piece of everything.

Rituals are moments

you made once for the first time

and then you enjoyed.

Don't be lazy,

mind if they still are.

Among your thousands actions,

kill the useless

and effortless ones

before they kill you.

Turn your slowly but surely dying habits

into good deeds,

to make your life meaningful,

For yourself

For the future

For today.

If you think that a day is just hours to kill

Then It must be a way to reborn the following morning.